Moroccan Kilim Carpet Boots : A Love Story February 05 2014, 0 Comments

Everybody is in love with a pair of Kilim Boots!

Kilim Boots

It all began back in the 70's when the first travellers brought back these boots with their colourful and intricate patterned designs from far away mysterious lands of Northern Africa. It took just one look at them, and we fell head over heels in love.

Enchanted not only by their beautiful aesthetics, but enchanted also by the stories they brought with them. Stories of the lands of belly dancers, snake charmers, fire artists, palm tree groves and of camel caravans through cold Sahara desert nights. 

40 years later the kilim carpet boots are celebrating a revival, and we have never been more in love. They are now the one must-have accessory for anyone in love with bohemian ethnic chic and the Ibiza hippy look. Our love knows no boundaries, neither age nor season, lovers ages range from 20 to 60 year olds, worn through Winter into Summer, with dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans, blouses or jumpers - everything is allowed, as long as the heart revels.

In this blog we want to show you how these very special boots are handmade by the most skilled cobblers in Morocco. Every pair is unique, since the carpets used are the original and traditional kilim rugs, skilfully handwoven to this day.


And one tip from us to you: If you see a pair you love, don't wait, declare your love immediately and hold on to them - because if you let them pass by, you might never find them again... 

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