African Artists - Samuel Fosso July 03 2014, 0 Comments

African Art is one of our big loves at Lov’edu and we would love to share some of our favourite Artist's histories with you. They are all talented, society oriented and create beautiful pieces of art!

Samuel Fosso, born in 1968, is a photographer from Cameroon, and is famous for his colourful self-portraits in which he depicts himself as anything from an African chief to a classy 70's American woman, all a photographic commentary on the culture, history and the politics of his time. His self-portraits are all linked by their subject's full character analysis through the use of props and make-up. Not just mere self-portraits or identity pictures, Fosso's portraits are characterised by his talent for self-mockery and his brilliant sense of sarcasm. His work has been exhibited in Paris, New York and in London at the Photographers' Gallery.

La Femme américaine liberée des annees 70  (1997) 


 The Golf Player  (1997) 


 Samuel Fosso African Chief

The Chief who sold Africa to the Colonialists  (1997)

"I am all the African chiefs who have sold their continent to the white men. This picture... It really sums up what I am trying to say about African-ness, about western cliches. And it's ironic."  Samuel Fosso.


All Images © Samuel Fosso, Image Courtesy of Jean Marc Patras/Falgerie, Paris.