The Art of Olive Wood August 08 2014, 0 Comments

Lovedu olive wood collection

Olive wood is not rare or especially precious but it has a beauty that can be held and touched. Its contrasting grains and warm tones make it different from any other woods. Olive trees take so long to grow that finding pieces large enough and of the highest quality is not that easy. Much of the olive wood you will find elsewhere is made of glued or laminated pieces. At Lov'edu all our olive wood pieces are hand carved in Africa from solid blocks by talented artists.

handmade wooden bowl with bone decoration


We have a wide variety of items such as salad servers, spoons and wooden bowls. Most of our products are made from olive wood and decorated with some pieces of cow bone that is a bi-product of the local meat industry. The bone makes them look even more traditional and gives your table a beautiful organic and ethnic look.

beautiful olive wood salad servers

Each of our product is unique and has been fairly purchased in Africa. You won’t find this quality of olive wood or bone anywhere else easily, here you can have a look at our full collection!