Ethnic Tribal jewellery : A little Introduction August 22 2014, 0 Comments

Ethnic jewellery, or specifically African jewellery, is embedded in African culture and history in its own beautiful form. And even if there is a history and a meaning behind each piece, it's the often simply the art of each piece that grabs the attention.

It is an ancient art form that reflects the African heritage. Each unique piece represents several artistic, religious, spiritual and cultural elements.

The jewels created by the skilled craftsmen and women are complex, for example: bronze pieces are often decorated with ivory, bone or precious stones, and the beaded jewellery used in religious rituals are of intricate patterns and layers.

African tribal jewelry is worn by both men and women of African tribes. It is a very important part of cultural life. Different types of materials are used by the different tribes. In West Africa they use brass, the Akan people use gold, and a lot of other regions use copper. Skilful combinations of stones, glass and metal results in the most beautiful ethnic bracelet, necklaces, bangles and other forms of body adornments.

All over Africa, tribal jewellery is not only a social indicator of power and wealth, but it is also a way to celebrate the identity and the diversity of the different tribes. 

 See above a Maasai woman decorating a pumpkin shell with the traditional Maasai glass beads.