First Week in Business July 31 2013, 0 Comments

First of all, a massive thank you to all who made it last weekend to the Opening Celebration of the Lov'edu store in Camden, especially to those who came travelling from far away lands, which meant that the Lov'edu Family was fully united for this beautiful event.

Last minute stress and minor behind the scenes catastrophes were smoothly handled and the day became a warm, sunny, joyful get together of family, friends old and new, and those just curious to see what this new addition to Camden market is all about. 

Now, people are asking, how was the first week in business? Well, I have to say that it was a good week. Occasional chaos still perching in the corners, like a new born, Lov'edu is taking in its surroundings in wonder and is trying to learn fast from what life throws at it. Slowly learning to walk, sometimes still falling, but incredibly excited by all the undiscovered wonders lying ahead. 

In real terms this means that after the high of last week, things are expected to slow down a bit, notwithstanding that the real work is only about to commence. One thing that has become clear is that Lov'edu needs to be shared more with the world, and this starts by making sure as many people as possible will find their way up those stairs to heaven and into Lov'edu - thus, banners must be made. Also, our portal to the world, this web-store is in desperate need of becoming as beautiful as it's physical counterpart, so many hours of labour are to be spent on achieving this as soon as possible.

I will be keeping you updated and if you can keep spreading the word, together we will achieve something beautiful and lasting :)

Thank you to all for making Lov'edu's first week in business a positive and exciting one. 


Click here to see photos of the Opening day.