Ethical Trading Policy

Lov’edu Living - Ethical Luxury Defined

Lov'edu aims to build a lifestyle based on consciousness and individuality - the highest form of luxury.


“Trade cannot be beautiful without a fine character”

-Inspired by a Mende Proverb from Sierra Leone, Africa.

Our Promise to You

All items offered by Lov'edu Living are:

Uniquely Designed

Fairly Traded

Sustainably Produced

Our Definition of Terms

Uniquely Designed - this means that, as every item is made by hand, there will never be two items that are exactly the same. In the process of producing an item, the crafter did not follow a set rules, but was able to be creative and give every item their personal touch, which makes every item a unique design, as opposed to a purely mass produced item. Each item thus becomes a piece of art in itself.

Fairly Traded - an item is deemed to have been traded fairly when the price of the item is the producer’s/artist’s asking price and can be translated, at it’s minimum, into a living wage for the time of labour plus a bonus for creativity. If wages are paid, they will be at least living wages (a living wage, as opposed to minimum wage, guarantees workers to cover living costs and lead a decent life). Producers are not tied to any trade agreements, they maintain full control over their work and work processes and remain 100% independent.

Sustainably Produced - all items at Lov’edu are made from natural materials such as wood, ceramic, brass, stone, glass, horn, bone etc. This means that these items are all biodegradable and will not add waste to the planet. All items at Lov’edu are made by hand, with minimal usage of electronic tools, which means that no waste was created and no energy wasted in producing the item. Many items at Lov’edu are made from recycled or up-cycled, which means that items or material that would usually go to waste, are re-used and made into something new and useful, which makes it’s existence sustainable.

All horn and bone used in Lov’edu products are by-products of domestic animals such as the cattle of tribal communities. For centuries these communities live and survive on this cattle in traditional forms; the animals are not killed for any specific part of their bodies, but to feed communities and provide material such as skin, horn, bone to produce tools and items of usage or trade.

Our Trading Philosophy

We believe that trade is the oldest and most powerful driving force behind cultural and creative exchanges in this world; it has made people travel, discover, be inspired and create since the beginning of civilisation. If used wisely, trade is the most beautiful way of not only creating livelihoods, but of uniting humans, across borders, without judgement, creating a space in which differences in culture, belief, ethnicity and tradition are not barriers to understanding, but rather, are sources of enjoyment, creativity and expression. It is a place where we all speak the same language, whether we are on the side of the giving or the taking, of the offering or the receiving, of the creating or the experiencing, it is an exchange, it is a trade.

But, just like a person, trade cannot be beautiful without a fine character. This is why at Lov'edu we believe that an object can only be beautiful where it has been created and traded in a happy and generous spirit. We don't haggle with our producers, we support talent and creativity, and we aim to provide you with a product that has not only been a process of labour, but has returned something to the community and environment that produced it.

Lov’Edu - The Love Education

Lov’edu believes in a world where beauty, art and style can be enjoyed within a circle of sustainability, through building relationships with designers, producers and crafters whose processes respect and work with nature.

This vision is part of a process we call “The Love Education”: Love Beauty, Love Nature, Love Yourself. It is the practice of thinking and acting from a higher state of consciousness and awareness; of living a holistic lifestyle that is in harmony with nature, with humanity and thereby, with oneself.

On the Social Side - with a little help of my friends...

Not only do we believe that trade can be a force for the good, securing people’s livelihoods through regular income, but we also understand that there are circumstances in this world that require additional support in order to change for the better and unfold healthily. Thus, Lov’edu pledges to give 10% of its annual profits towards projects that we believe are worth supporting, especially projects related to protecting the environment, furthering young people’s education, protecting children and assisting women to set up small businesses.

What we want our customers to experience at our shops and online

- A story - a sense of history and the origins of each product

- Uniqueness and individuality

- A sense of awareness/consciousness (rather than old fashioned moralism)

- Aesthetic minimalism

To Sum Up - We Lov’edu and You?

We bring you unique, handmade pieces, crafted by talented artists from Africa, Ibiza and beyond.

All items are made from natural, often re- or up-cycled materials, and are traded fairly.

All pieces are truly unique.

Not only do we develop our own designs, but we continuously scout the world for new inspirations, artists, designers, concepts, organisations and people that share our vision of an ethical lifestyle with identity.

Our philosophy of direct trade, from the producer to the shop floor, makes every purchase a holistic and unique experience of giving and receiving.

Join us on the road to building a lifestyle of consciousness, awareness and individuality - the highest form of luxury.