FunKy AfriKa Art Show

We are pleased to announce South African artist Joss Rossiter is exhibiting her "art with an African flair" at the Lov'edu Shop / Gallery under the theme "FunKy AfriKa" 

The show is opening on Friday 13th December at 7pm and it will be running until the 15th January 2014.

To Join the Vernissage night, confirm your attendance here!


About the Artist:

Joss was born and lived in South Africa for 38 years, before moving to the UK to avoid the ever-increasing political tensions. She is mostly a self taught artist and has two main recurring themes of interest in her paintings – ‘African’ and ‘Faces’.

African –“This is a strong driving force within me due to my background. I simply want to share the joy and love I found in South Africa; the intense brightness amidst some deplorable living conditions; the strength of a people to persevere, to dance, to continue onwards in spite of extreme poverty and want. Here is a country that might seem hopeless, yet it is quite the opposite.”

Faces – “I am fascinated by faces; so filled with expression and each one telling its own story. I love watching people and transforming their faces into my own style of art. Each piece has a story to tell, and you can decide what it is.”

Joss uses a wide variety of materials and techniques, including paints, oil pastels, papers, inks, gesso, gouache. More recently she has discovered a deep love for oil pastels, and enjoys experimenting on different types of paper, using inks and even food colouring.


Joss Rossiter