What is Lov'edu

A Little Bit About Us

Lov'edu Living was founded by Ibiza-raised Anna Boettcher in 2013 in London. Today, Lov'edu is both a physical and an online ethical store that offers unique interior decoration, accessories, jewellery and lifestyle products. All items are handmade from natural materials, uniquely designed and fairly traded, so you can have the double satisfaction of buying something that makes you look and feel unique while knowing you've taken care of the planet and it's people.

See our full Ethical Trading Policy here.

Lov’edu’s vibrant and eclectic collections of exceptional, handmade and fair trade pieces of home decoration, African Art, furniture, organic jewellery, accessories and other lifestyle items are crafted by talented artists from around the world, currently featuring designers from London, Africa, Thailand and Ibiza.

Ranging from contemporary urban pieces from Nairobi's artisans and Ibicencan lifestyle articles to traditional Dogon carvings from Mali, all items are made from natural, often recycled or up-cycled materials.

Each and every piece in Lov'edu has been hand picked, purchased, commissioned or designed by Anna herself, guaranteeing each item to have been sourced responsibly, traded fairly and produced sustainably.

The Lov'edu store is based on the belief that an object can only be beautiful where it has been created and traded in a joyful and generous spirit. The aim is to support talent and creativity and showcasing products that have not only been a process of careful labour, but have returned something to the community and environment that produced it.

Lov’edu wants to further promote this positive impact by giving 10% of its profits towards projects related to art, protecting the environment, furthering children’s and young people’s education, and creating economic opportunities for women. 

We are always happy to see you or hear from you, so email us, visit us at our Ibiza showroom, or connect with us via our social media! 

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